1. OPPRESSION (NOUN): (उत्पीड़न) misery
Synonyms: despotism, maltreatment
Antonyms: kindness, affection 
Example Sentence:
Pakistan is nation that is known for its oppression.
2. DRACONIAN (ADJECTIVE): (कठोर) Harsh
Synonyms: cruel, oppressive 
Antonyms: easy, gentle
Example Sentence:
Your master is a draconian man.

3. DAWDLE (VERB): (समय नष्ट करना) Waste time
Synonyms: loiter, procrastinate 
Antonyms: hasten, hurry
Example Sentence:
The teacher warned the student that he will be punished if he dawdled again.
4. JADED (ADJECTIVE): (क्षीण/थका) exhausted
Synonyms: bored, tired
Antonyms: lively, energize
Example Sentence: 
The participants were so jaded from the task that they didn’t even bother to wait for the results.
5. NOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (हानिकारक) Deadly, injurious
Synonyms: destructive, harmful 
Antonyms: helpful, kind
Example Sentence:
This is a noxious chemical.
6. PERSPICACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (तीक्ष्ण-बुद्धि) Observant, perceptive
Synonyms: alert, aware 
Antonyms: ignorant, unobservant
Example Sentence:
The CDI officers are always perspicacious with their case.
7. FERVENT (ADJECTIVE): (उत्साही) Enthusiastic
Synonyms: zealous, ardent 
Antonyms: apathetic, dull
Example Sentence:
He is a fervent child. 
8. FITFUL (ADJECTIVE): (चंचल) Spasmodic
Synonyms: intermittent, fluctuating
Antonyms: continuous, perpetual
Example Sentence:
As long as his breathing is fitful, he will continue to need an oxygen machine.
9. FLOUT (VERB): (अवज्ञा करना) Show contempt for
Synonyms: defy, disregard 
Antonyms: honour, praise
Example Sentence:
One should not flout the traffic rules.
10. FEASIBLE (ADJECTIVE): (व्यवहार्य) Practicable
Synonyms: possible, doable 
Antonyms: impossible, implausible
Example Sentence:
This seems to be a feasible solution.
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# essay

# essay : e-mobility: challenges and opportunities

e-mobility refers to the development of electric powered vehicles and transportation system while shifting away from the polluting fossil fuels. with the transport sector being one of the foremost contributors to pollution, global warming and greenhouse gases as per a recent who report, e-mobility assumes great significance.

e-mobility system basically comprises of public and private vehicles including buses, cars, mopeds etc with battery operated engines and charging infrastructure across the city. the benefits of e-mobility for growing nations like india are huge. firstly, the overall operation and maintenance cost of the electric vehicles is low when compared to conventional fossil fuel d vehicles. secondly, they can help in reducing the pollution levels in indian cities. thirdly, they can aid in reducing india's import requirement of vehicular fuel thus reducing the import bill. fourthly, the greenfield e-mobility projects have the potential to open up huge employment opportunities in india. lastly, it can provide last mile connectivity into rural and remote areas.

but the large-scale adoption of e-mobility system has its own challenges like need for efficient engine battery, installation of charging infrastructure, need for enabling regulations, attracting private players into the production of electric vehicles, increasing passenger comfort and safety level at par with conventional vehicles etc.

nevertheless, indian government has been taking these challenges head-on with steps like eesl launching fame india scheme to promote e-vehicles and signing contract with tata motors to produce 10000 electric vehicles, organizing 'move' e-mobility summit, e-mobility week etc which are much-needed steps in the right direction.


123/1, Mukherjee Nagar
New Delhi - 110028

The Municipal Commissioner
South Delhi Municipal Council
New Delhi - 110020

Subject: Complaint regarding overflowing drainage in my locality

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my fellow residents of the Mukherjee Nagar, to attract your attention towards the problem of overflowing drainage in our locality. The continuous rainfall in the last few days has led to the accumulation of garbage and debris into the drainage, thereby clogging it. This has created a stagnant puddle of water nearby which is attracting rodents and mosquitoes and is a potential health scare for the residents.

I request you to please look into the matter and get the drainage cleaned so as to ensure proper flow of water and the resultant cleanliness.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


D-12TH, Jalandhar,

The branch Manager,
Kotak Mahindra Bank,

Sub: Request for blocking of the lost credit card and issuing a new one

Respected Sir / Ma’m ,

I am a customer of Kotak Mahindra bank since last four years. Recently I have lost my credit card while shopping near Khetan market . Due to this I was unable to shop further. My credit card number was 5467 7476 4746 4646 . Therefore I request to block my card immediately to avoid any misuse by others and issue me a new card on its behalf as soon as possible so that I can continue my shopping in next family outing. I have enclosed all the relevant documents along with my ID proof for verification.

I am looking forward for timely solution of this issue and delivery of my new credit card . Hoping an immediate action on this and reply from the bank.

Thanking you,

Account number: